Overview AMSynths is a small scale, UK based, manufacturer of high quality analog synthesizer modules, PCB’s and a re-seller for JMLS product in the UK. We also stock SDIY components and hard to find parts. We launched our first EuroRack modules in late 2010 with the powerful AM8060 and AM8109 Jupiter filters, followed by various filters, oscillators and envelope generators, including a range of ARP modules.

In 2017 we continue to build a variety of modules in low volume, and we make about 100 modules a year.  Modules are available in EuroRack format with 2mm aluminium panels that have been professionally manufactured and multi coloured printed in Germany. Modules are hand built and tested in the UK and come with a one year warranty against product defects. Modules are sold from stock and they come with power cable, 6mm x M3 mounting screws and a unique holographic serial number.

Module Availability AMSynths produces around 100 modules a year, check the Online Web Shop for stock.

SynthDIY AMSynths manufacturers PCB’s for customers wishing to build their own modules, take a look in SDIY.

Web Site Content The AMSynths web site contains details of the products that we manufacture and sell  (take a look), along with MySynths pages that describe the modular analog synthesizers I have built over the last 10 years. The Blog pages keep you up to date with the latest news and module developments, and you can Contact Us via Facebook, Email and subscribe to our regular newsletter. All of our User Manuals for EuroRack modules and Project Notes for PCB’s and kits are available to download in Manuals.

Buying Modules

AMSynths modules can be purchased from us directly at our Online Web Shop. SHOP»


We sell high quality PCB's for many of our modules and projects. SHOP»

JMLS Products

Our web store stocks products from J.M.Logan Synth Research SHOP»
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