AM8007 SH-5 Envelopes

Overview The AM8007 module is a replica of the ADSR and AR envelopes used in the Roland SH-5 analog mono synthesizer from 1976. It use transistors to switch between the various phases of the envelope generator and a JFET transistor to act as an output buffer. The ADSR has a uni-junction transistor as its core, there are no Op Amps in the original design.

Euro Rack Module:   14HP wide
User Manual:          Download PDF

Description The AM8007 is an exact replica of the original circuit but with the addition of output Op Amps to buffer the signals and provide both positive and negative going envelopes. The gate signal of each envelope generator can be switched from the Doepfer Bus (Internal) to Panel Jack (External ), the push button is always active for initiating either generator. The presence of a gate signal is shown by the red panel LED.

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