The Voltage Controlled Oscillator starts the sound of an analog synthesizer, it creates the waves that we then subtract and modify. It is the module that needs to be technically accurate with modern components but at the same time the wave structures must remain vibrant and interesting. Glitches and imperfections in waveforms are cool but the frequency must be stable, although we don’t subscribe to high precisions – as you will end up in a digital world of blandness. Our oscillator modules are based around the classic designs of the 1970’s; the NPN transistor pair from Moog, Emu and Roland and the unusual NPN/PNP transistor pair from ARP.

Here is a list of our VCO products, click on the text to go to a detailed description.

AM8027 Dual ARP VCO – the sound of the Odyssey and 2600P

AM8120 Dual JP8 VCO – a complete front end with LFO and quantised pitch range

AM8125 Single VCO – the basic transistor VCO with 3 wave forms

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