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  • Neil Mcmanimon Jr.

    hi there i was wondering if you could possibly help me i have a very beloved & very sentimental BOSS Super-Phaser PH-2 Pedal that i have had since i was in like the 3rd grade as a little kid it was my VERY first ever FX Pedal of anykind that was gifted to me back during my very first initial attempt at taking uo.& playing the Guitar & was gifted to me by my Mom’s Brother aka My Uncle who i was very close to & probably the closest person to me & he surprised me with it one day after school as a slightly early Birthday Gift/present & i have had it ever since! & my Uncle passed away from Terminal Cancers back in September of 2010. exactly ten-day’s after my 17th. birthday to be precise & anyways in short the BOSS Super-Phaser PH-2 Pedal i have that he gifted me currently has a snapped broken off 1st. Pot Shaft for the Pedal’s “RATE” Control Knob/Pot & for year’s i have just mushed my thumbprint into the ultra tiny metal nub piece left behind from the snapped broken off Pot Shaft to change & edit the settings for the 1st of the 4 knobs/pots aka the “RATE” Control BUT now as of late the nub has wore away even further now making what remains of the “RATE” Control Pot basically UNTURNABLE/UNADJUSTABLE & i reached out to BOSS/ROLAND & they emailed me back saying that sadly the Super-Phaser PH-2’s used a specially designed Pot for the Pedal’s “RATE” Control Pot! & saidly they haven’t made that particular Pot or made any Pots since that would work as a proper & correct functioning replacement Pot! & basically told me i am screwed & flat out of luck unless i could track down a different Super-Phaser PH-2 to use for replacement parts! Which i can’t afford to do plus i don’t wanna have to buy a whole other PH-2 just to rip out just only one Pot from it!! to fix MY! PH-2 Pedal! & so i posted something in an online forum asking if anybody knew any solutions or what i can use a potential replacement for my PH-2’s “RATE” Control Pot! & somebody replied with the Link to this page/post of yours & threw the idea out there!! OF!! Asking!! you! here! IF you could find it in your heart to maybe look through your BOSS & Super-Phaser PH-2 Pedal PART$ that you may have acquired from trying to collect the Chip’s. from out of various Super-Phaser PH-2’s so i am desperately hoping if you indeed do have access to a “RATE”Control Pot from a BOSS Super-Phaser PH-2 that you could please find it in the kindness of your heart to send/ship out one of those Pots to me!! Please!!! So i can rescue my dearly beloved & very sentimental BOSS Super-Phaser PH-2 which was literally my VERY 1ST. EVER!!! FX Pedal!!! i ever got/received of ANY!! Kind!! whatsoever!!… so i hope you can imagine & grasp HOW MUCH this particular Super-Phaser Pedal means to me!! either way whether you can Help me! or Not!! i would greatly Appreciate it if you could please take a moment or two to atleast respond back to this message with some tyoe of a Reply of sorts to my email which is the following:

    July 11, 2023

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