• I have one of these in great condition that I’ve barely used and would be happy to sell. If anyone’s interested pls drop me an e-mail (john.turner@pobox.com).

    June 01, 2020
    • good evening John . do you still have the alesis data disc I am interested . you can get me on younger2000uk@yahoo.com if you still want to sell it

      July 31, 2020
    • john harrison

      i use two data discs to store music and they are getting on a bit how much would you accept for yours assuming it is working alright . trusting you ok

      January 13, 2021
      • amsynths

        Mine is for sale for £70, let me know if you want it, it will go on eBay soon.
        Best Regards

        January 23, 2021
  • James McDunn

    I have Datadisk but lately it occured to me that I should be saving my files on something besides a floppy disc. To that end, I bought a floppy disk reader with a USB cable. I plugged it into my Mac but it said it won’t read it. I plugged it into a PC but it says the disc is empty.

    Should I be able to store the data from the floppies to the hard drive of a PC


    August 30, 2020
    • Paul Lanctot

      I’ve been trying to find this out too but I don’t think you can- . But you could get midi ox which is free for the PC and back up your instruments that way

      March 07, 2021
  • alesisfan

    Any body have schematic alesis datadisk ?

    May 13, 2021
  • craig

    I bought a DataDisk off ebay a year ago. It sat til now.
    I have not been able to get it to read any .syx files off the 3.5 disk. The disk can be read with my Atari…
    I opened the case and found out the coil with the red wire wrap(upper right in photo above) is broken into three pieces. it has tape around it. Someone marked a recent date on the pc board like it went to a repair shop.
    What exactly does the coil do?
    and what’s it called) ?
    And, does anyone know where I could get a compatible replacement?
    The wires are still intact and soldered. Does the broken magnet have anything to do with my DD not reading files? The rest of the unit is very clean.

    December 18, 2021
    • amsynths

      Hi, The DataDisk cannot read native .syx files from its diskette drive, for example one created on a PC/Mac. It can receive sysex data from synths over MIDI and store this on a diskette, and then read this and transmit it back. The red wire is an inductor and is fine if the Data Disk is powering up and working. Hope that helps!

      December 20, 2021

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