• rey regalado

    hey there just came across your site while doing some research trying to make myself a 10v cv control.

    i have a prophet 600 as well, fully functional with os v2 though i have a v8 chip and haven’t installed it yet.

    anyway. i work as a carpenter and just recently made new wooden cheeks for my prophet as well. walnut, white oak, ipe and pine.

    i can send some pictures your way if your interested in checking em out.

    June 30, 2020
  • Walter Bil

    Nice read!
    I’ve got a p600 that turns into a Christmas tree after half an hour of use. Im afraid it’s the power supply, which is circular type.
    Have you found a replacement for your psu and if so, which one did you take?


    April 15, 2021
    • amsynths

      I have left the power supply alone until I get the P600 working as the cpu reset circuit comes straight out the transformer. I plan to replace the power on cpu circuit with a modern version and then try a switched power supply that creates the dual 15v and +5v rails. I still gave more work to get the P600 working well….

      April 15, 2021

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