• I own a sde 1000. the delay light is blinking on and off and I can’t get any delay,

    Do you think I can get this repaired anywhere,

    kind regards Jan

    January 15, 2021
    • amsynths

      Hi, yes it can be repaired by a service tech. It is probably a problem with the power supply. Best Regards rob

      January 17, 2021
  • Yekuku

    Dear Rob, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom.
    I am having a problem with a sde-2000 and since I dont have anyone to discuss about it , I thought that it wouldnt hurt to ask here.
    Everything seems to work , but I have doubts about the UNIGAIN +4dbm / -20dbm switch operation.
    When setting to +4dbm the output is louder, compared to the -20dbm setting, but the input signal led indicator is lower.
    When switching to -20dbm the output gets lower but the input signal led indicator goes higher, compared to the +4dbm setting.
    Also it is stated in the manual that with the input knob at half rotation ( 12o’clock) the level matches the bypass level. In my unit the bypass signal is always louder than the effected, even if i turn the input gain to the max.
    Do you think that this is normal ?
    thank you!

    May 03, 2021
    • amsynths

      I think the behavior is normal. With a hotter signal you expect the input circuit to reduce down the signal which is what is happening.
      Which output are you comparing with bypass? Mixed or Delay?
      Roland did changes the input resistors a few time on the SDE1000 to extract better signal levels and reduced noise but not with the SDE2000.
      Its possible a component has got old and the FX level has dropped, you would need to get it serviced or check the signals levels along the FX signal path.
      The service manual does state them so it would be easy to check.

      Best Regards

      May 08, 2021
  • Trond

    Hi from Norway!
    Do you still have the SDE1000, AND have access to an advanced EPROM/maskROM reader that can dump 80C49 (MCS-48) chips?
    I’m trying to resurrect my unit, but the MCU (IC21) has gone bad.
    I have built an Arduino based programmer, but I cannot get stable readouts of the maskROM, due to it being partially broken.
    The binary is also sadly still not available on the interwebs.


    December 01, 2021
    • amsynths

      I have 2x SDE1000 but not an EPROM reader that can read the 8049. I do plan on getting one eventually but not soon…sorry.

      December 01, 2021
  • Vee

    I turned on my SDE 1000 and was working normally. Turn it off and racked it in the chain. When it turned back on the blue delay, light doesn’t come up and the delay is not functioning. The rest of the settings are working normally.? How do I get the blue delay light in the ladies start coming back up?

    August 20, 2023
  • Adrian M

    Hey mate,
    Great source of knowledge here. I reaurected 3 units myself and your page helped me with diagnostics.
    I have a question do you thing that VFD display can be replaced with some sort of alternative as one of my ones has literally broken glass which is KO for the display.
    Any ideas are wellcome.

    October 19, 2023
  • Please HELP!
    Please share your wisdom with me.
    I bought a used Roland SDE-1000 and it powers up but BARELY can I hear any delay. Yes, I adjusted the Input & Output settings and such.
    Any help would be Fantastic!
    THANK YOU!!!

    December 17, 2023
  • Sam

    My lcd display is not working, I don’t read any voltage on the grey wires from the transformer…?

    March 29, 2024

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