• Enrico Campus

    Wow, very glad to hear you resurrected the project!
    I got some jp4 cards sitting in the studio waiting for this..
    Obviously would be great to see the extra vco as in promars..
    Anyway, considering the “module” nature of this thing what about put some cv in/out , ext audio in or sync, more or less like the replica module behringer is producing?
    Can’t wait to see the result and, if possible, buy some.
    PS. Compliments for the behringer collaboration, the Arp stuff is a work of love, seeing the possibility of mass production in conjunction with your skills and devotion is a dream come true.

    January 23, 2021
    • Enrico Campus

      In previous post I intended “replica modules” and not “module” (the varuious pro one, minimoog etc).
      Of course also a jp4 would be nice.(maybe too many rare custom parts).

      January 23, 2021

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