• Matthias

    I was searching about xpander mods and found your project about it. i‘ not understand much about electonic. My mod wish for the xpander would be to change the cv gate inputs to cv gate outputs. Do u think this would be a possible mod? The reason i like to change it is i would love to use the xpanders vco‘s to create a 6 voice poly synth with modular eg‘s, vcf‘s and vca‘s.
    Best regards matthias

    April 21, 2021
    • amsynths

      Thanks for the comment. The VCO outputs can be easily wired into the CV outs, replacing the CV Ins. The gate signal would be tricky as there is no keyboard, maybe send the envelope outputs. It would be a shame to cut traces on the PCB’s and maybe better just to wire the VCO and EG outputs outs via a new set of x12 3.5mm jack sockets set into one of the wooden ends. Best Regards Rob

      April 21, 2021

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