• Drone Studios

    I just wanted to thank you for your work in developing the 2500 modules for Behringer. They are wonderful sounding and well designed. I love them!

    September 25, 2022
  • Wm Romanowski

    Great design work. I have two of them.
    Wishes, wishes..
    I wish that the 8 input were normalized at 10 volts.
    Way more handy for using it as a sequencer or CV shaper.
    I wish that that you could get that nice clock signal.
    I wish that there was a second connector to allow chaining multiple 1050s to a 1027 sequencer.
    Lastly, ARP got the color of the knobs wrong.
    On the 1027, it’s grey, then green, then gold.
    The 1050 should have the green knobs first.
    I am grateful, but pedantic.

    June 05, 2023
    • amsynths

      Many thanks for the positive feedback. The 1050 was a completely new design that was done in CMOS rather than TTL. I alway expected it to be used for audio signals but the normalisation to 10v is a good idea but really needs an on/off switch to select between audio and cv mode.otherwise you could dump voltages into audio module inputs.

      The clock out was a victim of panel space..the chaining is easy, just create a ribbon cable with sockets on it rather than headers, then plug as many in as possible! You can always swap the knobs around!

      I hope this design lasts a long time as the original TTL circuit is now impossible to recreate as the 1960’s chips it uses are long since obsolete and dead.

      June 05, 2023

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