• Sean Rutter

    An interestng read, thanks for the explanation.

    March 20, 2023
  • Sean Rutter

    An intersting read, thanks for the explanation. I have always been a little disappointed with the Behringer 140 and have read about some hacks to adjust the timings. Looking forward to the AM8141 release!

    March 20, 2023
  • Magnus Löfdahl

    Is the problem also seen in the envelope module Roland system 500?

    July 29, 2023
    • amsynths

      As far as I can tell the 540 is a different design using analog switches (DG134). This would explain how the looping mode is implemented. Customer comments on Modwiggler say that the envelope timings are not an accurate emulation of the original 140. The attack curve could be similar but without testing one I dont know, they are insanely expensive! Playing a 141 next to a B140 the difference is apparent. Best Regards Rob

      August 06, 2023

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