Elaine Radique ARP 2515

Elaine Radique

Introduction Elaine Radique is the most famous musicians to have worked with the ARP 2500, and she has spent over 25 years making music with this remarkable instrument. Her music is well worth listening to, and a video example is attached below.

ARP 2515 Elaine’s ARP 2500 is a model 2515 with 15 module spaces in total. Laid out as two banks of 6x and another 3x slots not linked to the matrix switches. The modules look to have been static since she bought the 2500 in the early 1970’s Here is the module list, left to right in the cabinet:

  • 1001 Blank Panel
  • 1023 Dual VCO
  • 1004-T Single VCO
  • 1023 Dual VCO
  • 1047 Multi Mode Filter
  • 1005 Mod Amp
  • 1046 Quad Envelope Generator
  • 1016 Dual Noise Source
  • 1006 Filter Amp
  • 1005 Mod Amp
  • 1046 Multi Mode Filter
  • 1050 Mix Sequencer
  • 1027 Sequencer
  • 1002 Power Supply

Module Usage Elaine’s style of music means that some modules do not seem to be used (1016 Noise Source and 1046 Envelope Generators) and other modules figure heavily such as the two 1047 Multi Mode Filters and the ring modulation from the 1005 Mod Amps. The upper matrix switches are not used, as they are typically for patching keyboards into the modules, and Elaine does not have or use a keyboard with the 2515.

The lower matrix of 20 lines is used for patching between the modules, with the 1050 as the final audio mixer patched into the bottom bank of 10 switches, and the sound from the 5 VCO’s patched onto the upper 10 switch banks, which is where the sound is distributed to the other modules. The three 1027 voltage outputs are seen patched right across the synthesizer into the VCO’s on the top bank of switches.

The Price The cost of an ARP 2515 in 1974 configured with Elaine’s modules would have been around $5900 for the modules and another $1990 for the cabinet, a total of around $8,000 or $50,000 as at 2019 prices. ARP did offer a 10% discount on the list price of a 2515, as well as leasing schemes and free installation. In 1974 you could buy two quality US cars for the price of a 2515, Today you would have to pay more like $200,000 to acquire a second hand 2515 today, which is why I am building a replica, for a lot less than this!

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