Behringer Partnership

Behringer 2600

Overview In June 2019 AMSynths formed a one year partnership with Behringer Music GroupĀ  to bring some exciting analog synthesizers to life. The partnership enables our 20 years of analog synth experience and expertise to be harnessed in affordable recreations of historic analog synths. The approach is to re-engineer the circuits to ensure they sound fantastic and are freed from the constraints of legacy components, we are not cloning but changing.

I worked with both the Chinese manufacturing and design teams and the Willich based product and social marketing teams. I developed schematics, did testing and fixing of SMD prototypes, as well as creating some initial designs in THD. I hope you enjoy the products once they are available!

What happens to AMSynths? Due to COVID-19 AMSynths had to pause as our workshop was closed from March 2020. We re-opened in August 2020 with a focus on the SH05 project, alongside our well established filters and some new surprises.

Which Behringer Projects did you work on? AMSynths cannot announce which projects we are in development with Behringer until they are formally announced. Heres the latest news.

Project 1 – 2600 This is a re-engineered ARP 2600 analog mono synth based on the original design with these key analog improvements:

  • Improved temperature stability due to use of SMD components
  • Improved tracking over 8 octaves (+/- 2 cents)
  • Tightly matched BJT and JFET’s throughout the synth, including VCO’s
  • Faster 4580 Op Amps throughout, with TL072 in key positions
  • Local power regulation for the discrete current mirrors in the Ring Mod and VCA
  • VCA Input offset removal by using a capacitor to DC couple the VCF input (not RM input)
  • Corrected VCA response from expo and linear inputs (same volume at max)
  • Removal of redundant HF trimmer in VCA
  • 3x timing ranges added to the ADSR and AR
  • Faster attack time on AR
  • Corrections to the original schematics
  • 4012 and 4072 filters with matched BJT
  • The LFO from the 3620 added, with UJT substitution
  • Careful power rail design to ensure separation and stability

The 2600 was announced by Behringer at NAMM 2020 and and improvements to the Reverb and Noise Source have been made on the final pre-production version.

Behringer 2500

Project 2 – 2500 This is a replica of the ARP 2500 analog synthesizer and was made public by Behringer on 21 July 2020 on Facebook. Most of the original ARP modules have been carefully replicated using SMD components, which has not been easy. The modules that are planned to be available later in 2020 are:

  • 1003 Dual Envelope Generators
  • 1033 Dual Delayed Envelope Generators
  • 1004-T VCO
  • 1005 ModAmp
  • 1006 FiltAmp
  • 1016 Dual Noise Source
  • 1027 Sequencer reduced to eight steps
  • 1036 Dual S&H, with 2600 core
  • 1047 UAF
  • 1050 Mix Sequencer

The 2500 project has required a lot of work, especially the 1050 which had to be redesigned into CMOS logic. I have worked on the schematics, panel design, electronic design improvements, as well as testing and correcting the prototypes. I have also provided documentation and setup information, whilst the UK have developed the modules into final production versions with help from the Chinese team.

The choice of EuroRack format enables the modules to be manufactured at an attractive price and the matrix switching has been replaced with jack sockets. Replicating the matrix switches would have been very expensive and creates a closed system. Having EuroRack modules means you can just buy one or two modules, and add them to your setup.

Project 3 This analog mono synth with a diode filter is in development with the final stage of testing in the UK. This project has been largely driven forward by the UK team and my involvement has had to cease due to the lockdown.

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