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I regularly blog about vintage synthesizers and samplers, the technology used and their restoration.
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Introduction In 1970 Tonus (soon to become ARP Instruments) issued their first catalog which included details of the 2500 Synthesizer, with Read more
Overview Behringer launched their clone of the RSF Kobol Expander I in late 2023 and I received one of the Read more
Overview Roland expanded their 100M range of modules in late 1980 to a computer interface, the 160 module, which was Read more
Overview In December 2021 I started to work on a replica of the 1974 Minisonic 2, designed by G.D.Shaw. The Read more
Overview In March 2023 I acquired a computer card from an old DEC PDP computer, the flip chip M401. It Read more
Overview In March 2023 I bought a broken Roland EP-11 electric piano from April 1982 for £65. Rather than restore Read more
Overview Back in 1978 Roland introduced the System 100M which included a dual envelope generator (and LFO) module - the Read more
Introduction I built a clone of the Roland 100M modular system way back in 2009, before Eurorack took off, it Read more
Overview The RS-09 Organ and Strings keyboard was the most popular keyboard product from Roland from 1978 - 83. It Read more
Overview Back in 2018 I bought an original Jupiter 4 Voice Card with the plan to turn it into a Read more
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