AM1002 Power Supply

Overview This is the power supply module for my ARP 2500 Racks, replicating the look and feel of the ARP 1002 module. My module contains a +/-15V power supply for the rack which is an Oakley Sound PSU mounted on 40mm M3 stand offs. The 15V power is connected to an internal distribution board, and the PSU is supplied by an external 16VAC power supply. The panel has front mounted red LED’s (one for each power rail), 2A fuse holders and a power switch. A separate +12V power supply is mounted in the second rack to supply incandescent bulb power to the Sequencer and CV Expander, and a further 5V regulator for the TTL chip power.

There are 10x 3.5mm jack sockets mounted at the base of the front panel, these are:

  • Multiples (x10)
  • Pitch
  • Gate
  • Trigger
  • 5VGate
  • Velocity

Build History The Power Supplies were built in August 2015.

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