Filter Bank

Overview The voltage controlled filter is the subtractive core of the analog synthesizer, shaping the sounds of the oscillators to give a unique sonic signature, giving each synthesizer it’s unique character. I have a soft spot for filters….they are sonically so different and full of character that I can’t stop building new ones and replicating old ones….

Well I started with an ARP 4023 back in 2002 and went on to build many more. Analog filter designs tend toward the sculpting power of the 4-pole LPF, but there are many designs for smoother sounding 2-pole LPF, the single, dual or even 4 pole HPF and the multi-mode SVF. Twelve of my filter designs are housed in a special Euro Rack Filter Bank Cabinet.

Design Details  The Filter Bank is built as a standard EuroRack as follows:

  • The modules are all standard 14HP wide EuroRack.
  • The panels are 2mm Aluminum with printed text and graphics, manufactured in Germany.
  • The two 3U 19” racks are manufactured by Rittal
  • The +/-15V power supply is Oakley Sound with an Oakley Dizzy.
  • The MDF cabinet is covered in black Tolex.
  • Control knobs are Rean 15mm.
  • Pots are all Alpha 16mm rotary.
  • 3mm LED’s are used with LED Lens on some of the modules.

Modules – Top Row

  • AM8023 ARP 2-pole VCF
  • AM8035 ARP “moog” VCF
  • AM8075 ARP 4-pole VCF
  • AM8040 E-mu Systems VCF
  • AM8044 Korg Poly 6 VCF
  • AM8320 SCI Pro One VCF

Modules – Bottom Row

  • AM8109 (x2) JP8 VCF
  • AM8003 Roland SH-3 Diode VCF
  • AM8003A (x2) Roland SH-3A VCF
  • AM8050 Minisonic Diode VCF
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