The humble Voltage Controlled Amplifier is that critical module that often gets overlooked. It’s job is to vary the final signal level up and down to enable notes to be played from the keyboard or to produce undulating volumes when modified by a range of CV sources.

At AMSynths we have designed a range of VCA’s; some are embedded in a VCF module (such as the AM8105, AM8044) so that you can quickly hook up one of our dual envelopes and get instant results, some are standalone modules with multiple signal inputs and CV controls.

The three dedicated VCA modules are;

Some of our dedicated VCA’s feature exponential and linear CV inputs. This is quite an important feature as it enables linear control signals (such as LFO’s) to be patched into the exponential input for volume control and exponential signals such as a traditional ADSR to be patched into the linear input. This configuration gives exponential control over volume, which is how the human ears work.

If you want more extreme response curves you can patch them linear to linear or expo to expo. We have also included an output signal LED to make it easier to see the signal level on our VCA’s.

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