Filters shape the sound of a subtractive analog synthesizer and have been central to sound design since the legendary Moog Low Pass Filter of the 1960’s. At AMSynths we having been building a wide range of filter modules for the last 10 years, some would say it’s our area of expertise!  The designs separate into 2 main groups; discrete designs from the 1970’s, and OTA designs based from the 1980’s.

Discrete Filters

  • AM8003 Diode VCF
  • AM8003A Moog Filter
  • AM8005 Multi Mode Diode Filter
  • AM8012 ARP Transistor Ladder Low Pass
  • AM8071 Snowfall VCF using diode ladder
  • AM8319 Korg Diode Ring Filter

OTA/Chip Based

  • AM8044 VCF & VCA using the SSM2044 chip
  • AM8060 JP6 Multi Mode VCF
  • AM8075 Athena VCF using the Norton chip
  • AM8104 JP4 HP and LP Filters
  • AM8105 JX Filter using the IR3R05 SVF chip
  • AM8107 SH7 HP and LP Filters
  • AM8109 JP8 Filter using the IR3109 chip
  • AM8144 Cascade VCF using the SSI2144
  • AM8320 Prophet VCF using the CEM3320 and AS3320
  • AM8328 Mirage Filter using the CME3828


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