AM8002 – SH05 Mixer & Ring Modulator

AM800 Module

Overview  This is replica of the center section of the Roland SH-5 monophonic synthesizer introduced in 1976, containing both a 4 channel audio mixer, ring modulation of the first two channels and two selectable outputs per channel. The original AM8002 module was updated in 2022 to reduce the width to 10HP and to add a channel on/off feature. AMSynths has had PTL30 100KA slide potentiometers especially manufactured for the SH05 Project, and they are used in this audio mixer.

Euro Rack Module:   10HP wide
User Manual:              Download PDF

Detailed Description  The AMSynths circuit is similar to the original with the MC1496 modulator chip but upgraded with modern Op Amps. There are 3x input channels, the first two go into the ring modulator (modulator and carrier), the output of which appears on the fourth slider.

Each channel has a three way switch; Output 1, Output 2 or Both. The AM8002 enables 3x audio signals, typically oscillators, to be mixed along with ring modulation and  sent to two different modules, such as VCF’s or a VCF and VCA.  The sliders have amber LED’s fitted,

There are five 3.5 mm jack sockets on the base of the front panel:

  • 3x signal inputs (INA, INB, INC)
  • 2x audio outputs (OUT1, OUT2)

Module Outcome & Availability The original PCB’s were laid out in the spring of 2018 and a prototype tested in April and worked well. A small change to production modules was made so that the input to the Ring Modulator comes directly from the inputs. A production run of 10x modules took place in August 2023.


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