AM8131 Audio Output Mixer

Overview  This is a 4 channel audio mixer and output stage in one 14HP module, based on the mixer in the Roland 100M. Each input has its own jack socket, 30 mm level slide potentiometer and miniature pan pot. There mixer is followed by an output stage with volumes and level indicators.

The original circuit has been modernised with high quality Burr Brown Op Amps and a different approach to panning. There is a master volume potentiometer, and LED’s indicating signal level on each output (Right, Left). The headphone section and reference oscillator from the 100M have not been retained, as musicians typically have high quality alternative solutions.

Euro Rack Module:  14HP wide
User Manual:             
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There are six 3.5 mm jack sockets on the front panel:

  • 4x audio signal inputs for each mixer
  • Stereo Outputs: Left and Right

Outcomes & Availability The AM8131 was not completed as Behringer have release clones of the 100M.


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