AM8132 CV Mixer

Overview  This is a set of 2 identical CV mixers in one 14HP module with 3 inputs each, and non-inverted and inverted outputs. Each input has its own jack socket and 20 mm slide potentiometer. There are also two precision preset voltages controlled by 30 mm sliders, providing 0 to +10v and 0 to -10V.

Each preset voltage has its own dedicated output jack, and both precision voltages default into In2 (+10v) and In3 (-10V) of each mixer when no external signals are patched in. The mixer is modeled on the Roland 131 module in the 100M.

Signal inputs and outputs are wide ranging +/-10V peak-to-peak. There is a red LED monitoring the amplitude of each mixer output. The circuit is based on precision LT1013 Op Amps and a precision +10V voltage chip.  This is an upgrade from the original 4558 Op Amps and voltages that needed trimming.

There are twelve 3.5 mm jack sockets on the base of the front panel:

  • 3x signal inputs for each mixer
  • Non-inverted and Inverted mix output for each mixer
  • 1x precision voltage output (0 to +10V)
  • 1x precision voltage output (0 to -10V)

Outcomes & Availability The AM8132 was not completed as Behringer have release a clone of the 100M modules.


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