AM8132 CV Mixer

Overview  This is a set of 2 identical CV mixers in one 14HP module with 3 inputs each, and non-inverted and inverted outputs. Each input has its own jack socket and 20 mm slide potentiometer. There are also two precision preset voltages controlled by 30 mm sliders, providing 0 to +10v and 0 to -10V.

Each preset voltage has its own dedicated output jack, and both precision voltages default into In2 (+10v) and In3 (-10V) of each mixer when no external signals are patched in. The mixer is modeled on the Roland 131 module in the 100M.

Signal inputs and outputs are wide ranging +/-10V peak-to-peak. There is a red LED monitoring the amplitude of each mixer output. The circuit is based on precision LT1013 Op Amps and a precision +10V voltage chip.  This is an upgrade from the original 4558 Op Amps and voltages that needed trimming.

Euro Rack Module:  14HP wide
User Manual:             
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There are twelve 3.5 mm jack sockets on the base of the front panel:

  • 3x signal inputs for each mixer
  • Non-inverted and Inverted mix output for each mixer
  • 1x precision voltage output (0 to +10V)
  • 1x precision voltage output (0 to -10V)

Outcomes & Availability The CV Mixer was designed in summer of 2018 to go in a 84HP Roland SYR-84 rack of cloned 100M modules, which includes two AM8182 sequencers.


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