Overview Sequencers have long been apart of electronic music from the earliest Moog 960 and ARP 1027 through to the modern DAW. AMSynths have recreated a number of legacy designs;

Roland System 100 – 104 This is the analog sequencer from the System 100 (1975) that uses TV channel switching chips to create two channels of upto 12 steps. Famous users include; Tim Blake and The Human League. Rather bulky but it fits into the System 100 rather snuggly. It is a slimmed down version of the 717 sequencer in the mighty System 700 and it uses the same crazy chips. Whilst it loses the variable step time and third channel, it gains

AMSynths are recreating a eurorack version called Steel City using the same Toshiba chips with the addition of a quantizer on channel A. Yes, we could of used CMOS chips, but that’s no fun. .

Roland CSQ100 This was a 1979 spin off from the technology used in the expensive micro-composer MC-8 (1977). A basic microcontroller replaces the Z-80 micro-processor and the data RAM is stripped back to 2k bits from 64k. and to store a short seqe


PPG 314 This is the analog sequencer from PPG


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