CSQ100 Digital Sequencer

Overview The CSQ100 is a project to build a replica of the Roland CSQ100 digital sequencer 104 that was introduced in 1979. It is a basic CV and Gate digital sequencer that provides 2 banks of 68 notes of storage. The project started in the winter of 2017 when I bought a CSQ100 in good condition, I used to have a CSQ600 (mid 1990’s) but the battery leaked and destroyed the PCB. Both CSQ sequencers use the same Intel 8048 micro processor with the same program code burnt into mask ROM. The memory size and functionality is increased in the 600 but its running the same code as the 100.

Rationale  The driver for the project is to initially clone the CSQ100 with the old components, then enhance the design as a standalone sequencer using modern components and a modern micro controller with more memory and features. Its a long term project that will take be some time but gets me into micro controller programming again.

Project Status  I started to layout a new CSQ100 PCB at the end of 2017, once I had measured the original PCB size which is 245 x 245mm. All the old electronic components are easy to locate, and even a new 8748 processor with the Roland program in ROM is available on eBay. Its unlikely I will complete this project.

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