SH05 Modular Analog Synthesizer

Overview The AMSynths SH05 Analog Modular Synthesizer is a set of seven Euro Rack modules that together with a Waldorf KB37 form a complete replica of the Roland SH-5 monophonic synthesizer introduced in 1976. This was Roland first serious attempt at mono synth with stable oscillators using a heated expo generator, two filters, complex modulation sources and a five channel mixer.

There are seven modules that have a total width of 107 HP.

The SH05 adds the flexibility of a modular synthesizer to a traditional design, with 3.5mm cable patching to either recreate the original signal flow or to create new internal an external connectivity.

Normalisation The SH05 modules have been normalised to a common modulation CV range of 0V to +7.5V, which means all the CV generators create signals in this range and all the modulation and envelope inputs of the VCO’s, VCF and VCA are at maximum depth at +7.5V. The gate inputs are all set for 0 to +5V operation, and the S&H will generate trigger signals of oV to +10V.

Keyboard ControlĀ  The Waldorf KB37 provides a 3 octave keyboard with transpose and pitch bender to replicate the controls of the SH-5, and adds MIDI IN and OUT as well as an arpeggiator, velocity and aftertouch.

This advanced keyboard is ideal for working with the SH-05 modules, however alternative approaches can be used, such as an external CV/Gate keyboard and a rack case for the modules.

Documentation All the modules come with a high quality printed SH05 User Guide that explains the functionality of each module, and how the seven modules can be used as a complete analog synthesizer.

We also provide a set of hard copy and online blank patch sheets, as well as the SH05 Synthesizer Patch Book which contains 300 patches created on the SH-5 between 1977 and 1982.

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