Emu Systems Modular This was the first modular system I built in 2003, inspired by playing the real thing at Scott Wedges home in Santa Cruz. It was sold to a friend as it was taking up too much space! It contains mainly Emu- Systems modules but also some Oakley Sound and Blacet Research.

The Filter Bank This set of modules came out of a project to build ARP and SCI modules, into a sort of super Pro-1. But getting CEM chips was tricky, so in the end it became a set of 10 filters, including the prototype 8109’s. It contains many of my PCB designs from 2003 – 2008 and has new aluminum panels fitted to replace the PCB and printed paper ones. It was scrapped in 2021 as the jacks and pots needed replacement.

ARP 2600 Rack This was the third synthesizer I built as a straight out replica of the 2600 but in FracRac. I learnt a lot about circuits doing this one, but it seems a little bit limited in function. Originally in a Tolex cabinet, I will re-house it in an oak cabinet,

Roland 100M I built a set of 100M replica modules in 2009, once again in FracRac. These were the most successful modules with accurate VCO’s that were the core of the AMSynths test lab for many years. They are housed in black Tolex cabinets. One was sold in 2020 to fund my Schulze “Big Moog”, the other will be available to buy soon..

ARP 2500 Rack This was a long term project, with the ideas formed in 2004 and 15 years later….it was completed in 2020 with oak cabinets. I have subsequently sold the modules as it turned out to be too large for my workflow and workspace!

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