994 Goes V-trig

Introduction In August 2020 I bought a set of Behringer System 55 modules, as my first journey into Moog modular. My plan is to recreate the Klaus Schulze IIIP synthesizer and Dual Sequencer setup that Klaus bought on 22nd December 1975, and used successfully for many years.

Whilst the Behringer modules cover most of the Moog modules I need, there are a few additional modules and changes I have recreated.

Why modify the 994 The Moog Modular, and its Behringer clone, rely on S-Triggers for the envelopes, and the only way to get these from V-triggers (as used in Eurorack and the 960 Sequencer) is to patch into a 962 module, or use a converting cable. I decided to modify a 994 Behringer module to do the job of V-trig to S-trig conversion, and as a bonus add a LED to indicate Gate (V-trig) on.

The upgraded 994 sits in the my KS Moog cabinet at the end of the VCA/Env generator modules and is patched internally to the 993. The Gate On LED complements the LED’s I have added to the outputs of the 911’s. I can see the inbound gate signals, typically from a keyboard or 960 sequencer.

Outcome The 994 modification has been replaced by a new AMSynths module the AM997 Dual V to S-trigger converter, which is available from the webstore here. This module is cheaper than the Behringer 994 multiples and provides 2 channels of conversion with LED indication.

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