Behringer 962 Sequential Switch

962 Seq Switch

Introduction In August 2020 I bought a set of Behringer System 55 modules, as my first journey into Moog modular. My plan is to recreate the Klaus Schulze Moog IIIP synthesizer and Dual Sequencer setup that Klaus bought on 22nd December 1975, and used successfully for many years.

Rather than rack up a set of Behringer modules and ride away making music, I thought it would be useful to explain how the modules work, how to calibrate them, and how I have set them up and augmented them. I will also check their specifications, to see if they replicate the originals accurately and so I can understand them better.

962 Sequential Switch This is an exact replica of the Moog module and its a great addition to the 960, as it breaks you free from 8 step to 16 or 24 step sequences. If you need the manual here is a link 962 Quick Start Manual. A V-trigger pulse into the Shift jack socket will move from stage simply move

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