TTSH V2 Synthesizer

Overview Back in late 2015 I bought an ARP 2600 clone, the TTSH V2, and I enthusiastically built it up during 2016 and started work on a custom Tolex cabinet. However when I powered it up the standard and recommended switched power supply dumped high frequency oscillations into the VCO’s and I was not happy with the build at all. The noise leaked into the VCF which was right next to the LDO regulators, clearly the power design was wrong and had to be replaced. The TTSH was put on the back burner as other projects took priority, and it was not touched for a few years.

Project Re-started In 2020 I dusted off the panel and PCB from the garage, and restarted the project. I removed the LDO regulators and built a linear power supply with an external 16VAC transformer. I fixed a non-working Sample & Hold by replacing the dual JFET.

Modifications Here is a list of all the upgrades and changes I made to the TTSH V2 build:

  • Custom Bourns sliders with ARP coloured caps
  • 15V Linear Power Supply
  • Capacitors added to VCF and VCA inputs to correct DC offset
  • TL071 Op Amps in the signal path
  • Gate Booster mounted internally
  • CVPal MIDI to CV converter added internally
  • Separate high quality headphone amplifier
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